Sand Bubbler Art

Sand bubblers are crabs of the genera Dotilla and Scopimera which are known to produce remarkable patterns and structures at tropical beaches. From these pattern-making abilities, we may draw inspiration for digital visual art. A recent paper by Hendrik Richter, Visual art inspired by the collective feeding behavior of sand-bubbler crabs, proposed a simple mathematical model and designed an algorithm creating such sand-bubbler patterns artificially. An extension of the algorithm additionally enables controlling and guiding generative evolution of the art-making process and thus connects to generative art.

Some examples and videos are presented below.

External pages showing examples of sand-bubbler pattern

Nature's sand artists

Tiny crab unintentionally makes awesome sand art

Close encounters of the crab-ball kind

Some videos showing sand bubblers at tropical beaches, as well as creating artificial pattern by a generative algorithm,  as to be found at YouTube

Natural pattern of sand bubbler 1

Natural pattern of sand bubbler 2

Sand bubbler art 1

Sand bubbler art 2

Sand bubbler art 3

Sand bubbler art 4

Art works